General information and pre-enrolment

Digital communication for culture and heritage professionals.

My training sessions (inside your institution) and seminars (New York, Barcelona, Tokyo) are for professionals who work in the culture and heritage (museums, archives, libraries, architecture, archaeology) sector and seek for a practical, interdisciplinary, holistic and comprehensive approach to digital communication, marketing and social media.

There are five courses/ topics: 

Digital  identity  

Digital contents

Digital audience

Digital engagement  

Digital strategy

They are NOT for technologists, marketers, and communication professionals.  If you are still interested in, contact me.

Once I have read the pre-enrolment form, if the participant  is admitted, then I tailor the course to her/his needs and requests, in order to fulfil her/his goals and expectations.

You should enrol if you are student, job candidate, cooperate or work in a cultural or heritage institution and you need:

  • a criterion about communication, marketing and social media to work, cooperate, manage, evaluate the digital experts or departments
  • to understand better your institutions needs, and to be able to promote projects in the digital landscape
  • to learn the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in worldwide institutions
  • to share knowledge, expertise and experiences
  • to get inspiration and to expand your thinking and connections

Capacity: 8 participants

Price: 275€ / 375€ (paying 1 month before the course starts)

Teacher: Dr. Mireia Xarrié      

No digital skills are required

Write me if you are interested to pre-enrol: termdoc(@)gmail(.)com