Seminars in New York, Tokyo and Barcelona

The classes are dynamic, a dialogue and idea exchange, questions are answered, case studies and examples  discussed. They have a hand-on format, participants are asked to bring along their computer/ tablet.

Duration:   Six  hours  a day, two days course

Price: 275€ / 375€ (1 month before the course starts)

Course capacity: 8 participants

Teacher: Dr. Mireia Xarrié      

Write me if you are interested to pre-enrol: termdoc(@)gmail(.)com

Location:  Inside a public institution (museum or university)

You need to bring your PC or Tablet and SmartPhone


Edition in Barcelona  2019:

Digital  identity   7-8 January  2019

Digital contents 9-10 January  2019

Digital audience     11 and 14 January  2019

Digital engagement 15-16 January  2019

Digital strategies 17-18 January  2019


Edition in New York 2019:

Digital  identity  10-11  June 2019

Digital contents 12-13  June 2019

Digital audience  14-15 June 2019


Edition in Tokyo Summer 2019

You may be interested in  training inside your institution

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