Mireia Xarrié


I belong to a family with a long tradition in art conservation  (since 1929) in Barcelona’s museums. Therefore,  I studied art history and had art conservation practices in Switzerland and Egypt.

Avid  foreign language learner, I lived and studied in the United States and Germany. Probably for this reason, my Ph.D was an interdisciplinary research about language, 

In 1996, I became interested in Internet, since then I have attended to conferences and workshops about marketing, informatics, digital technology and design. Some years later, I got a Master degree about Digital Age.

Now, besides my academic and international cooperation, 
I deliver courses (now also online) and train culture and heritage professionals about digital communication inside institutions in Europe, Asia and America (English and Spanish).


As mentioned, art  has been  a noteworthy topic  in my professional  career because of my background.

In 1929 Domènec Xarrié (grandfather) became a museum painting conservator at Museu Nacional Art de Catalunya (MNAC), Barcelona.  Pictures  on Pinterest





condestable_1Some years later,  Josep Maria Xarrié (father) created the first public conservation center in 1982 (Sant Cugat del Vallès, now in Valldoreix, Barcelona) and was the director until his retirement in 2009. In addition, he was a Paolo and Laura Mora student at ICCROM, Universitat de Barcelona professor, UNESCO consultant in South America, and art conservator at MNAC.  



Finally, these institutions have my books in their libraries:

Art Institute of Chicago, USA.

Yale Center for British Art , New Haven, USA

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA.

The Getty Conservation Institute, Los Angeles, USA.

Straus Center Conservation, Harvard University , Cambridge, USA.

New York Public Library, New York, USA.

National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C, USA.

Centre de conservation du Québec, Québec, Canada.

Canadian Conservation Institute, Ottawa, Canada.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel.

The British Museum, London, UK.

Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK.

Chantry Library, Oxford,UK.

British Library, London, UK.

Museum of Liverpool, London, UK.

Doerner Institut, Munich, Germany.

Kunstbibliothek, Berlin, Germany.

Finnish National Gallery, Helsinki, Finland.

National Art Museum, Oslo, Norway.

Instituut Collectie Nederland, Amsterdam, Holland.

Institut Royal Patrimoine Artistique, Brussels, Belgium.

Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal, Lisboa, Portugal

Instituto Andaluz del Patrimonio Histórico, Sevilla, Spain.

Fundació Miró, Barcelona, Spain.

Museum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona, Spain.